A Little Bit About What We Do and How We Do It

Students learn how to bring order to their lives at home and school.  We teach Organizing using a multiple of age appropriate activities using all the various learning modalities, while encouraging the use and application, as appropriate, of the following skills: group collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, and planning. 


Our Programs

We offer organizing instructions in three different settings, in-class, extended-day and private coaching instruction.  Our programs utilize age appropriate activities in learning to teach organizing techniques and strategies to school age children.

Our Facilitators

"Kids Can Be Organized Too", devotes hours to training its Presenters to provide a stimulating and educational experience to students.  All of our Presenters have held teachers license and many have more than a decade of experience working with students.  We believe that the additional skills educators bring to this interactive experience enhance a student's learning experience.


The goal of our Presenter is to engage, excite and educate children while encouraging a level of enthusiasm about being and staying organized.

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