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Our team

Our Team

Our Team is made up of professionals from various industries.  

However, all our presenters are advance degree educators with decades of in-class experience.

All of our Presenters understand the importance of planning, focus, scheduling, completing a task and managing time.  Presenters share this information in an age appropriate manner.  A manner which includes setting a goal, identifying the steps needed to achieve the goal and accessing the time each step will require. Presenters are always mindful of the age of our audience and size of the class. 


We present material to the students using all learning modalities to achieve understanding when teaching techniques and strategies for organization. 

Alex Gordon

Associate Executive Director of Programs

Dianne Taylor

Associate Director of Communications

Thomas williams

Special Projects Manager

Eric Stone

Communications Manager

Jennifer Sorrell

Communications Associate

Eric Stone

K-4 Grades Workshop Facilitator

Jennifer Sorrell
Edna Doyle

5-8 Grades Workshop Facilitator

Edna Doyle

9-12 Grades Workshop Facilitator

Jennifer Sorrell
Edna Doyle

Operations Manager

Edna Doyle

Administrative Assistant

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