Classroom Workshops

Our classroom workshops are always full of excitement.  This is a fun filled 30-45 minutes of looking at space and time in a totally new way. For the students it's a whole new way of approaching their educational and personal responsibilities with an appreciation for time and space.


Students get to take something as simple as a backpack, or as complicated as school assignment and transform it into a controlled and manageable process.  Students help each other learn to analyze, plan and execute the reorganization of a physical space or establishing steps for organizing abstract projects.  Basic organizing skills are taught while having fun, laughing, talking and most of all thinking!


By the end of the workshops everyone is amazed at how they view physical space and how the same concepts can be applied to organize homework, papers, preparing for test, taking notes and many aspects of student learning.  The workshops provide a stimulating way to learn about planning, the importance of prioritizing, setting and achieving goals.   

Extended-Day Workshop

Our Extended-Day  & After-school workshops are basically the same as our In-Class workshops. The only difference is the fun last an additional 15 minutes. Extended Day workshops are from 30-60 minutes.  


Students get to organize something as simple as a backpack or to as complicated as planning a schedule for the college admissions process.  They can choose a class project or select from several ideas provided by students in the workshop.  The ultimate goal is to to transform the project into a controlled and manageable system. We have fun evaluating the use of various ways to plan a project, we look at problems related to organizing including the process of grouping, elimination, containing and maintenance.  All while having fun, laughing, talking and most of all thinking!


By the end of the workshop the kids are amazed at how they see the process of organization. What use to be thought of as daunting and overwhelming process becomes something they will approach with confidence.  Our workshops are amazing and stimulating way to learn techniques for planning and how it will improve the quality of a students life.  I encourage you to invite us into your classroom.  I promise this will be a experience students will look forward to sharing.

Personalized Coaching

Our coaches will provide the kind of one-on-one experience a child will enjoy and gain priceless information which can be applied throughout their educational life and beyond.  Coaches demonstrate, explain and review the benefits, strategies and techniques for organizing in various areas of a child's life. 


All coaches receive an extensive background check. Personalized Coaching can take place at home or any location of the parents' choosing with written authorization. The parent is always welcome to be present.  However, the experience is most effective with only coach and student participation. 

Elementary School K-4 Grades

We keep the presentation simple and with lots of hands-on play.  Elementary grades receive simple steps in organizations such as grouping like things, deciding on what to keep and what to give away or throw away and the importance of assigning a home to all possessions.  We talk about where things go and create games to reinforce learning these new concepts. In each grade we add another step to the basic process of organizing. 

Middle School 5-8 Grades

Middle school students have fun too, but with a greater emphasis on learning and applying concepts of organization and time management to real life responsibilities and events with a goal toward achieving end results.  We reinforce learning through games which result in prizes to the winners. 

High School 9-12 Grades

When working with High School students we emphasize time management and planning.  We continue to focus on organization with a stronger understanding and application of these concepts. In High School students will apply these concepts to everyday life events. Students will select a project for completion using daily responsibilities to establish short-term and long-term plans. Students will learn critical fundamentals for setting priorities and the steps necessary to achieve individual goals. 

Extended Day & After-School

We provide an opportunity to teach organization and time management skills to school age children using the same strategies and techniques used in the Classroom. These services are available on non-school days, weekends, summer break and school year vacation breaks. 

Personalized Coaching 

Individualized Coaching is available upon request and by appointment only. 

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