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Our mission is to introduce the benefits, techniques and strategies of being organized to students as early as possible to commence the process of incorporating these skills into their daily routine. We believe the earlier the concept of organization is embraced in one's life the sooner the benefits will begin to be realized. 


At Kids Can Be Organized Too we are committed to enhancing the level of success for students and we do that by demonstrating, discussing and reviewing organizational skills with students in fun and interesting ways. We develop activities that will teach kids how to apply organizational skills to their lives in ways each student can manage.

Josephine Paige, Principal & Executive Director
teaching school age kids stategies and techniques to get and stay organized

Josephine is a Productivity Coach, Time Management and Speaker expert.  She has a Bachelors Degree from City College of New York, a Corporate Paralegal Certificate from Adelphi University, and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University.


Prior to returning to Productivity and Time Management training Josephine consulted in Pension Administration for such financial institutions as Deutche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Prudential and Met Life.


She is originally from New York City and has lived in Jersey City, New Jersey for more than a decade.


Upon returning to the field of productivity training she observe the difficulty many children had establishing a daily routine and organizing space and belongings both at home and in school.  In 2010 she designed and offered privately a program to teach students how to be and stay organized and manage time.  


She is now excited to offer this exceptional program to schools in the tri-state area.

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