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what we do & How we do it 

A Little about What we do & How we do it
Students learn how to bring order to their lives at home and school.  We teach Organizing using a multiple of age appropriate activities using all the various learning modalities, while encouraging the use and application, as appropriate, of the following skills: group collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, and planning.  


We address a child's world by applying organizational solutions to such areas as:

  • Study Material

  • Homework

  • Time Management


We teach children how to best utilize space such as:

  • ​Desk space

  • Backpack

  • Closets

  • Study and play areas

  • Living space 


We address time management techniques and strategies as it relates to:

  • Timely arrival to school and other events and activities 

  • Scheduling time for homework

  • Scheduling time for chores

  • Scheduling time for fun things; and

  • Independence of college life


By the end of the workshop sessions students have learned ways to manage time and organize space. Children have been taught how to apply these concepts to their daily lives. With annual reinforcement it is our goal that by the time elementary and middle school students reach High School they will have developed a pattern of organization that enhances their productivity resulting in increased High School success. 


The program intensifies on the High School level where students apply a much greater focus on organization from the aspect of time management and planning.  The goal is to realize greater success in the planning process necessary for college admissions or the work world coupled with the demands of college life and adulthood.

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